Sunday, January 6, 2013

10% Complete!

I was just looking through my blog to see if I have posted anything unrelated to my 100 intentional acts of kindness goal and saw that I have reached act #10!  I guess this kind of slipped my mind as I was writing my last post about act number 10.

I just want to create a sort of roundup of my first 10 intentional acts of kindness and how I am feeling after doing them.

Chai Latte
Angel Tree
Campbell's Soup
Hot Chocolate
10 Kiddos

I have to say looking back at what I have done feels good.  I know that I am making a difference in the world by being kinder.  It may not completely change the world, but I'm planting a seed of change that can grow and blossom.

I am proud of myself for completing 10% of my goal in one month.  I want to continue doing good and loving on others!

Hebrews 13:16

Friday, January 4, 2013


Date: December 30, 2012
Time: 9:30am
Location: First Baptist Church of Norfolk
Number: 10

For those of you that don't know, I'm obsessed with babies.  It's a little severe.  Check out my Babies Babies Babies Pinterest board.  70 pins and I'm no where near getting ready to have kids.  I seriously just love babies.  They make me remember how God works miracles by just giving us life.  Plus, they're cute.  Who can argue with that?

Anyway, my love of babies and children in general is a gift I have.  I know for a fact that there are people who just don't love the kiddos and are not good at playing with them.  It's sad to say, but I've seen parents who don't seem to know how to play with their little ones.  This is not me.  I will play with  kids for hours, and often do.

My senior year of high school I was not super close with God.  I was upset my parents dragged me to church, so I tried to make the best of it.  As much as I love listening to the sermons now, it just wasn't for me then.  I didn't get much out of it.  Probably because I wasn't listening quite right, but either way it just wasn't happening for me.

I reached out to the children's ministry and somehow got connected to start volunteering in the preschool/nursery ministry.  I loved it.  This was one of the times I knew I wanted to be a teacher because of how I felt when I was around the kids.  I felt love.  Real love.  God's love.  I knew how much He loved those babies and thus how much he loved me for giving me the ability to work with them and make them smile.

Being back at home gives me the chance to work with the ministry more.  This Sunday I got to volunteer in the nursery with the infants.  They're a blast.  No, they don't talk, but their facial expressions and the noises they make are priceless.  I laugh every time I'm in that room.  I have to admit, the crying is a little over my head and I'm a not good at getting them to burp, but I'm learning and trying.

Giving my time is something easy I can do because it is free!  Giving my time to something I love and have a passion for is even easier.

Hebrews 13:16


Date: December 30, 2012
Time: 9:30am
Location: First Baptist Church of Norfolk
Number: 9

During the Christmas Eve service at my church I was reminded of the church's need for computers and computer equipment.  My family had told me about it once before, knowing my old laptop was laying on the floor in the corner of my bedroom, but I had forgotten.

I can't lie, this computer was dead, had stickers all over the back of it and was obviously owned by a middle schooler.  The laptop died when I was in high school.  It was an old Gateway and I bought it for about $300 when I was in like 7th grade.  I got a few good years out of it, but eventually I let the virus protection run out and, obviously, it got viruses.

I knew I needed to get rid of the laptop, especially now that I have my Mac.  I had no need for it, and no one in my house could get it to work.  I was planning on trashing it, smashing the screen like my brother and I did to our old family computer that died.  Realizing the only reason we did that was because of tax stuff that was on it, I decided it would be silly for me to do that.  Even if it would be fun.

My Gateway and I parted ways on Sunday when I donated it to the church.  I have no idea if they will be able to fix it or get anything out of it, but I figured it was better to give it to them and let them try than just throw it away.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this glorious laptop for you to laugh at, but I'm sure you can imagine its beauty.

Remember, giving is all about giving what you can.  I couldn't donate a working, new computer, but I was able to give something.  Who knows, maybe someone will learn how to fix a computer thanks to this donation.  I'm sure God can use this act of kindness to glorify His kingdom some how!

Hebrews 13:16


Date: December 23, 2012
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Goodwill
Number: 8

You can easily look in my closet and drawers and see the abundant amount of clothing I own.  It's crazy.  All the t shirts I've accumulated over the years, the "sale" clothes I buy for no reason.  I am blessed beyond reason.  I love my clothes, but I noticed this year at school how much I brought with me and how rarely I wear certain pieces.  

I like to say I'm a giver, but it is hard for me to part with clothes.  I can donate old toys and shoes and trinkets all day long, but clothes are hard for me.  It's not like I can't give them away because I won't have any left.  I'd still have enough for weeks if I gave half my wardrobe away.  

Coming home from school with boxes of clothes and stuff made me a little stressed out.  Where in the world could I fit all of the stuff I have?  I don't have a clue how it fit in my room prior to me moving it out for school.  I decided it was time to do a sweep of my room and grab a few bags to donate or trash stuff.  

I ended up with a giant bag full of everything you can imagine: t shirts, teddy bears, pants, shorts, dresses, shoes, erasers, etc.  There was seriously some random stuff in there.  I found it hard to part with certain shirts because of their sentimental value.  (I'm strange that way.)  I had to remind myself that it was only a shirt, I had the memories, and that someone else needed it way more than I did.  

Here is a blurry (sorry) picture of the bags I brought to Goodwill a few days before Christmas.  The bag on the left from Steve and my mom cleaning out their closets and the one on the right is mine.  Hopefully someone finds these clothes helpful and keeps them warm this cold winter!

Hebrews 13:16


Date: December 22, 2012
Time: 12:30pm
Location: Panera 
Number: 7

I was finishing up some Christmas shopping when I realized it had been a while since I had done an act of kindness.  My mom was getting hungry and wanted to go to Panera.  I asked her what she was going to get and she said she wanted one of the sweets.  I remembered I had a "free sweet" on my My Panera card.  I asked my mom if I could treat her and she said yes.

Remember, you don't need to be kind only to people you don't know or spend tons of money on them.  The Lord rejoices when you are kind to anyone and in any way.

Mom with her sweet!

Hebrews 13:16