Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advice To My High School Self

As my first semester of college is coming to an end, I have reflected on my high school experience and have noticed a few things I would do differently if given the opportunity.  I can't say I regret anything I did or didn't do in high school, but if I could write myself a letter of advice, I'd have some things to say.

1. Study for those darn AP exams
     I wish I could have come in with some AP credits.  The more credits you have, the earlier you get to choose classes for the next semester.  Also, if coming in with enough credits to be considered a sophomore, you can bring a car to campus.  Seriously, just put more effort into those stupid AP exams.  At least study a few things instead of nothing at all.
2. Roommates aren't always easy when you get here, so don't expect to be best friends with her
     While my roommate and I get along well in comparison to many others, don't freak out when you're not best friends.  You're going to get into fights and "hate" each other for a few days, but it all works out in the end.  Just be calm and try not to freak out like you want to.
3. Be glad the tests are so easy
     It may not seem like it now, but those tests are SO easy compared to the ones you're gonna be taking in college.  Enjoy the free time you have.  Only having to study for two hours is awesome in comparison to the fifteen you put into one test/exam in college.
4. Save that money you're making
     I wish I had more money right now, so you really should be putting that money away in your savings account so we can use it later when you get to college.  It would be nice to be able to go off campus every once in a while to get dinner or go to a new movie, but that does require money.
5. Take as many dual enrollment classes you possibly can
     If English 111 & 112 weren't the only dual classes at Kellam, you'd need to take all of them.  It is so nice not having to take GWRIT 103 while all of my friends are freaking out about the papers they have to write.  Just think, if you had been able to take Dual Enrollment Government, you wouldn't have to take it in the future at a much harder level.
6. Actually try in classes, they can help in college
     Yeah they are just high school classes that don't really matter as long as you get the A, but actually learning the material can come in handy believe it or not.  I wish I would have attempted to learn more in high school rather than just worrying about the grades to get into college.  It would have helped me this semester and I'm sure in the future as well.

All in all, I love the way my first semester has gone.  I have gotten good grades, made lots of new friends, and have even become involved in some fun organizations.  All of this is great, but if I would have made the changes listed above, my experience might just be 6 times better.

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