Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Babies babies babies

Just recently I found out someone I know is pregnant!  I am beyond excited for them.  This awesome news prompted me to share some awesome maternity photo ideas I've found on the internet (esp. Pinterest!).  

I have always loved the idea of being pregnant (but certainly not any time soon, of course).  My mom said she loved it when she was pregnant and didn't really have any of the bad "side effects" - throwing up, etc.  It just seems so cool to me to have a child growing inside of you!  Ahh so cool :)

Week by Week - Do this every week to show your size change and you can write cravings, etc. for the week of on the chalkboard.  Probably my favorite idea :)

Baby Size - You could do this every week to show about how big the baby is inside your belly!  Also take a front and side shot to show your size.

Cravings - This is a fun way to remember what you were craving when you were pregnant!

Deciding on a Name - I could only imagine how difficult deciding on a name would be.  I mean they are stuck with that name forever!  This is a newt idea to remember what you almost named your little one.

Decided - Once you have decided on the baby's name take a picture with your pregnant belly and a "Hello my name is..." sticker!

All photos from Pinterest

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