Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Mania

I'm not one of those maniacs when it comes to Black Friday, but I am a fan.  I thought I'd share my deals with you and a few hilarious/horrible/ridiculous stories I've come across.

My birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I had some birthday money to spend on myself!  Here's what I got today:

Bjorndal Chesapeake Shoes 
Original: $55
On Sale For: $39.90
With Coupon I Paid: $33.52

Semi Formal Dress
Original: $79
On Sale for: $39.50
With Coupon I Paid: $29.50

Ulta Nail Polish (4)
Original: $24
On Sale For: $12
With Coupon I Paid: $8.93

All of the other stuff I bought was for Christmas presents, so I don't want to risk having those receiving the gifts see them before Christmas!

Now for some ridiculous Black Friday news stories:

     Really? Pepper Spray for an XBox?! Unnecessary!

Police Using Pepper Spray - North Carolina 
     Not what you think! Police aren't using it on duty to control crowds (which would be weird anyway). This is a story of an off duty police officer using it to get the best deals. Serve and protect? While I have a true respect for policemen and women, it is clear that some shouldn't be trusted, unfortunately. 

     Mall shooting in the parking lot.

     MSNBC is updating their website with craziness as it occurs. 

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