Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Ever Post!

Blogging... I was introduced to this (what I've heard to be called "magical") world my junior year of high school in Ms. Sarosdy's AP English Language and Composition class.  Wasn't the best experience.  Figured I'd give it another try.

So why Slippers & Brunch?  As a college student, that is what I look forward to.  After a day of studying, writing, reading, or whatever my professors desire to torture me with that day, I slip on my slippers and into my PJs.  On Saturday morning, I wake up (around noon mind you-I know, be jealous, but you had your time, too), slip into something that covers more than PJs do, and go to EHall (JMU's best dining hall) for a glorious brunch with my girlfriends.  Slippers & Brunch fits my lifestyle (or what I wish it was more like) and sums up what brings me joy on just about any day.

Alright, so no judging my posts too harshly.  Keep in mind I am new at this and probably won't get the hang of things for a while.  Any advice for a newbie would be appreciated! 

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