Wednesday, November 23, 2011


As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I figured I'd share what I am thankful for.  I've seen multiple friends and family members taking the "challenge" to post what they are thankful for each day on Facebook, but I'm just not that good.  I would forget, everyday. 

I am thankful for...
  1. My wonderful family and their health
  2. My boyfriend, Randall
  3. The opportunities my parents have afforded me
  4. My JMU family 
  5. The new friends I have made at JMU this semester
  6. My professors and how they share their expertise with me 
  7. The Lord!
  8. My small group girls 
  9. The clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
  10. My good health
  11. As silly as this may be - the internet.  It allows me to connect with friends and family that are far away for free!
  12. My high school teachers
  13. My mom's awesome money saving skills - the reason we can go on so many fun vacations!
  14. The sunshine 
  15. My dogs, they keep me smiling when I'm home
  16. James Madison University
  17. My Jobie sisters whom I love so much
  18. Pinterest for giving me so many cool Christmas gift ideas 
  19. YOU!  For reading my posts!
I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving whether you are spending it with your family, friends, or on the couch.  Let it be a fun and relaxing day, but make sure you thank God for all you have.

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