Monday, November 28, 2011

The Polar Plunge 2010

For my General Education Communications class I had to prepare a narrative speech with some type of moral or point to the story.  I was so annoyed with this speech type because I am the worst storyteller in the entire world.  I can write you a story fairly quickly and it'll probably be pretty good, but telling a story out loud?  No way!

We are always told never to actually write your speech out in paragraph form, but to type it up in an outline instead.  Well being that I suck at storytelling, I decided to ignore that rule and write it anyway.  I have the actual speech this Thursday (wish me luck), so I have to start practicing with my notecard and not reading what I have written.  I guess we will see how I do and if writing it out completely really is a mistake.  I hope not!

I wanted to post my speech (more like essay since it's written out) on here for you to see and read if you'd like.  I was excited with the final product and hope I can find a scholarship that I can use it for (that would be awesome!).

Some of it had to be tweaked and some of it isn't totally true, but it worked for the speech aspect and made it a bit more exciting!  Also, the paragraphs would have to be fixed as well (some are like two sentences and some are like ten).  It is written in chucks for my speech (intro: gain attention, relate to class, body, conclusion, etc.).


      By a show of hands, who’s gone swimming in the ocean in February?  Well I can’t say I’ve gone swimming, but I can say I’ve taken a dive straight into a crashing, 42 degree, Atlantic wave.
      The point of this story is to offer an alternative to the time sucking, labor-intensive, or boring view giving to the community has received.  Giving to the community or to charity can actually be adrenaline pumping and very exciting.
       And looking for ways to beef up my resume with community service was a must when looking for colleges.  Even now we should probably do the same in preparation for getting out in the competitive job market.  When looking for potential employees, community service looks good.
      So why did I dive into the ocean on a 35 degree day?  For the Special Olympics, an organization created so that people with disabilities and special needs can participate in sports.  A few of my friends and I got some sponsors and together raised over $600 for the Special Olympics.
      This fundraising event is called the Polar Plunge and takes place in Virginia Beach every year in early February.  Now just because it’s the beach doesn’t mean it’s warm, as I said it was 35 degrees that day.  Natasha, Jessyca, Courtney, Kaitlynn, Sea, and I all decided that amid the snow, we were going to take the plunge...... in our bathing suits.
        That year there were over 1000 of us crazy, but giving, people that were waiting anxiously to jump into the Atlantic.  The local news stations were there reporting on the snow-covered-sand, all bundled up watching us.
         Now Sea, who I mentioned earlier, is the runner of the group.  She played soccer for years and could outrun any of us in an instant.  Jessyca was my best friend, and Kaitlynn was that girl we all know.  The one whose parents guard her with their life and dictate every move she makes at 15 years old.
        The night before, we all decided to sleep over at my house since I am only about 15 minutes from the beach.  We were planning our outfits when suddenly Kaitlynn got a call from her mom.  “Kaitlynn,” she said, “you’re not going tomorrow.  The weather is calling for snow and I don’t want you getting sick.”  Kaitlynn tried to convince her mom otherwise, but it didn’t end up working out in her favor.  The next morning everyone else got suited up, jumped in my mom’s SUV, and the butterflies began.  We hadn’t seen snow yet, but knew what Kaitlynn’s mom had said. 
         After about an hour of anticipation and waiting inside the hotel headquarters on the oceanfront, the time had come.  We stripped from our sweatpants and hoodies down to our bathing suits and uggs and had my mom follow us outside to snap a few photos of “before.”  Practically right as we walked outside, it began to snow.  We all looked at each other with wide eyes and nervous expressions, but kept on walking out the door. 
         Shivering, my mom took our picture and we joined the other 1000 people in the sand….. barefoot.  The director gave us our rules: don’t stay in too long, don’t trample anyone, the obvious stuff, but no one was really listening.  I mean who could?  Our hearts were pounding, our teeth were chattering, and our bodies were shaking.  We all locked hands and as the whistle blew, we ran.
        We ran barefoot in the snow-covered-sand until we reached the shoreline.  Screaming, we all dove into the shallow, but freezing, water.  As I hit the water I could feel my blood and my adrenaline pumping, and I ran out of that water immediately. 
       I lost my friends in the chaos, but knew that Sea would be somewhere in front of me since I run at about a quarter of a mile per hour.  I passed my mom waiting on the boardwalk and kept running on my frozen feet until I reached a door.  I saw Sea there too, but they weren’t letting anyone back into the hotel yet.  At that point we looked at each other and ran to another door, pushing our way inside.  We weren’t being separated from our towels any longer.
       Finally everyone got back inside and we all sat shivering in the hallway of the hotel with blankets and towels surrounding us.  We compared colors of feet.  Mine were blue at the toes and I later found out that I had broken a toe somewhere on my journey.  My mom took some pictures of us sitting in the hallway bundled up.  We looked hilarious.  In our “before” pictures we looked so exited and happy, yet in our “after” pictures, we looked pissed and on the verge of tears due to our freezing body temperature. 
       After we warmed up, we all drove back to my house for some hot chocolate and sitting by the fireplace.  We all shared our stories of what had happened after our hands released from each others and laughed.
      Beyond the frozen sea, the memories, and the laughter, we knew we had made an impact.  With our contribution the Special Olympics can continue, and we found out just how fun helping the community really can be.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Mania

I'm not one of those maniacs when it comes to Black Friday, but I am a fan.  I thought I'd share my deals with you and a few hilarious/horrible/ridiculous stories I've come across.

My birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I had some birthday money to spend on myself!  Here's what I got today:

Bjorndal Chesapeake Shoes 
Original: $55
On Sale For: $39.90
With Coupon I Paid: $33.52

Semi Formal Dress
Original: $79
On Sale for: $39.50
With Coupon I Paid: $29.50

Ulta Nail Polish (4)
Original: $24
On Sale For: $12
With Coupon I Paid: $8.93

All of the other stuff I bought was for Christmas presents, so I don't want to risk having those receiving the gifts see them before Christmas!

Now for some ridiculous Black Friday news stories:

     Really? Pepper Spray for an XBox?! Unnecessary!

Police Using Pepper Spray - North Carolina 
     Not what you think! Police aren't using it on duty to control crowds (which would be weird anyway). This is a story of an off duty police officer using it to get the best deals. Serve and protect? While I have a true respect for policemen and women, it is clear that some shouldn't be trusted, unfortunately. 

     Mall shooting in the parking lot.

     MSNBC is updating their website with craziness as it occurs. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hopeless Romantic

I am likely one of the most hopeless romantic ladies in this world.  Taylor Swift knows what I'm talking about!  If you have not heard of Pinterest... get one, enjoy, and waste your life away.  One of my boards on Pinterest is called "I'm obsessed with weddings."  Truly fits me well.

I was that little 5 year old that had been married in the backyard under the swing set about 15 times.  I mean no one told me I couldn't have multiple grooms.  I have planned my wedding multiple times in multiple different places with multiple different people attending and in the wedding party.  It's too much, I know.

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest wedding ideas!  Feel free to share some of your own.  We will be best friends if you do!

What a beautiful dress !

 Such an interesting idea!  I feel like it would get messed up with people walking over it.  Still a beautiful idea, though!

I think this is the coolest idea I've seen yet!! What a way to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding!

A fun way to keep all the cards you got for your wedding!

Instead of a candle, bubbles, or whatever else most people give out for their weddings, how about a CD of love songs that you and your hubby love.  It's fun and cheap!  Burn the CDs yourself and give your guests something to listen to on the way home!

This might be one of my favorite ideas yet!  Your photographer can't get every single picture, so leave some disposable cameras on each table and let guests play I Spy.  Ask them to leave the cameras on the table at the end of the night and get them developed.

Love it!  Share your key to success.  All the married couples out there have one thing they know helps keep their marriage alive.  Ask each couple, or person, to share their "key."  Read them when you get home from the honeymoon.

Couldn't think of anything better to do before walking down the aisle.  Prayer!

Bridesmaid's survival kit!  Fill it with a mini sewing kit, safety pins, mints, gum, and things like that.

P.S. I'm so not getting married any time soon!  Just enjoying the idea for now!


As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I figured I'd share what I am thankful for.  I've seen multiple friends and family members taking the "challenge" to post what they are thankful for each day on Facebook, but I'm just not that good.  I would forget, everyday. 

I am thankful for...
  1. My wonderful family and their health
  2. My boyfriend, Randall
  3. The opportunities my parents have afforded me
  4. My JMU family 
  5. The new friends I have made at JMU this semester
  6. My professors and how they share their expertise with me 
  7. The Lord!
  8. My small group girls 
  9. The clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
  10. My good health
  11. As silly as this may be - the internet.  It allows me to connect with friends and family that are far away for free!
  12. My high school teachers
  13. My mom's awesome money saving skills - the reason we can go on so many fun vacations!
  14. The sunshine 
  15. My dogs, they keep me smiling when I'm home
  16. James Madison University
  17. My Jobie sisters whom I love so much
  18. Pinterest for giving me so many cool Christmas gift ideas 
  19. YOU!  For reading my posts!
I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving whether you are spending it with your family, friends, or on the couch.  Let it be a fun and relaxing day, but make sure you thank God for all you have.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Ever Post!

Blogging... I was introduced to this (what I've heard to be called "magical") world my junior year of high school in Ms. Sarosdy's AP English Language and Composition class.  Wasn't the best experience.  Figured I'd give it another try.

So why Slippers & Brunch?  As a college student, that is what I look forward to.  After a day of studying, writing, reading, or whatever my professors desire to torture me with that day, I slip on my slippers and into my PJs.  On Saturday morning, I wake up (around noon mind you-I know, be jealous, but you had your time, too), slip into something that covers more than PJs do, and go to EHall (JMU's best dining hall) for a glorious brunch with my girlfriends.  Slippers & Brunch fits my lifestyle (or what I wish it was more like) and sums up what brings me joy on just about any day.

Alright, so no judging my posts too harshly.  Keep in mind I am new at this and probably won't get the hang of things for a while.  Any advice for a newbie would be appreciated!