Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Break Plans

Oh my how excited I am for it to be spring break in a week.  I can make it to Friday, right?  This semester has flown by in some respects, but in others has been so slow.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE JMU, but at times, I can be more than ready to get back to the beach.  That's my true home.  It's weird to think that I don't even appreciate the beach as much when I am home than I do when I'm at JMU.  I guess it was just so convenient at home I never thought of it as being a luxury, but boy is it!  I have missed it so much while at JMU and can't wait to go visit the sea when I get home.

Needless to say, I'll be visiting the ocean when I come home.

I'll also be getting my nose pierced.  Finally.  I have said I'm going to do it for months now, maybe even a year... but the time has finally come.  Especially now that I've posted it on here.  Can't back down now.  It's something I've always wanted to do and was planning on it last weekend, but the prices in Harrisonburg are more expensive than those of VB, so I decided I should save a little money and wait a few weeks.  Don't freak out mom and dad, I just want a stud on the side of my nose.  Like this.

Finally, I plan on visiting my Jobie sisters, visiting Wellie and her pregnant belly and Mrs. Parsons, reading the Hunger Games, and going out with Randall!  I'm so excited to be home for a week.  Only problem is I have to pay for gas... I'm not a big fan of paying for gas.  I mean who is with the prices this high?  Donations to the "Sam is poor" fund are greatly appreciated! 

What are you planning to do over your spring break, or if you don't have one, what did you do when you were in college or high school? 

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